Frequently asked questions and solutions.

Why do we affectionately call our speakers "Grand old ladies"? Because just like them, they refuse to retire, have a knack for making everything sound like classics, and they sure know how to drop some timeless beats. With little love and care they will stick around for years to come.

  • How to connect Live/Lounge with your WiFi

    You can find a detailed guide in our e-manuals here.

  • How to reset Live or Lounge


    Switch off Libratone speaker

    Maintain logo button pressure and switch on the Libratone speaker (don’t release button until you see solid yellow in logo button).


    a) no light (10 sec): maintain logo button pressure

    b) fast yellow (10 sec): maintain logo button pressure

    c) solid yellow: let go of logo button

    Pulsing yellow approx.  70 times and your Libratone speaker is restarting.

    Speaker is ready in setup mode when logo button is

    a) RED fast pulsing (2012 speaker firmware)

    b) WHITE breathing (2014 speaker firmware)

  • If Setup fails

    If set up fails, please factory reset your speaker and then do alternative setup:


    • Open Wi-Fi settings on your PC/Mac and connect to the Libratone network (Libratone XXXXXX)
    • Start your internet browser
    • Enter in the URL. and press “ENTER”
    • The Libratone setup page opens
    • Choose your home network and enter the password
    • Press “Apply settings”
    • Open Wi-Fi settings on your PC/Mac and connect to your home network
    • Logo button Pulsing YELLOW, the speaker is restarting
    • Logo button changes to pulsing WHITE, speaker is ready for AirPlay.
  • Recommended router settings

    • Check that router is supporting 802.11g in 2,4 GHz and that it’s activated (5 GHz not supported)
    • WPA2 (AES) (WEP is not recommended)
    • Use only letters and numbers in router name/password and speaker name. Don’t use any special characters like:
  • Still questions?

    Feel free to get in touch with our customer support. They are happy to answer all your questions. Just click the "Contact Support" button below.