Frequently asked questions and solutions.

Congratulations for your new ONE Style/Click/TOO
We hope that our manuals and product articles will provide comprehensive answers to any inquiries you might have regarding the functionality and usage of our products.

In general, our experience has shown that keeping the product up to date with latest Firmware (through update in the Libratone app) and a hard reset most of the issues can be solved. But read more in the below sections.

Please also visit our e-manuals for further general information here.

  • How to connect ONE/TOO with my smartphone

    You can find a detailed guide in our e-manuals here.

  • How to reset ONE/TOO

  • Touch interface doesn't work / Can't connect to my phone

    It could be, that by mistake the speaker switched in a limited feature mode (POS mode). This can be unlocked by pressing and holding the power button and at the same time inserting a minijack plug and pulling it out immediately.

    It’s important that you press the power button and insert the minijack at the exact same time.

  • How to update Speaker Firmware

    From time to time new firmware is released to introduce new cool features.

    Use the Libratone app to perform the firmware update.

    To update, simply tap your product and follow the instructions.


    • Always upgrade your Libratone app to the latest version before updating speaker firmware.
    • Always connect your speaker to mains before starting the firmware update.

  • Still questions?

    Feel free to get in touch with our customer support. They are happy to answer all your questions. Just click the "Contact Support" button below.