Frequently asked questions and solutions.

Congratulations for buying new TRACK+.
We hope that our manuals and product articles will provide comprehensive answers to any inquiries you might have regarding the functionality and usage of our products.

In general, our experience has shown that keeping the product up to date with latest Firmware (through update in the Libratone app) and a hard reset most of the issues can be solved. But read more in the below sections.

  • How to pair TRACK+ with your smartphone or other Bluetooth device

    1. When two earbuds are detached, long press FUNCTION button until light blinks to enter pairing mode.

    2. Search for the earphones and connect them in the 'Settings' - 'Bluetooth' on your mobile device.

    3. Done! Put on the earbuds and enjoy your music.

  • How to reset TRACK+

    The below reset can help if:
    - one or both earbuds have a strange sound (swooshing, beep tone, etc..)
    - Problems with battery

    Make sure that TRACK+ are running the latest firmware update. You can see this in the Libratone app under Settings.

    If TRACK+ are visible in the Libratone app, simply tap on them and reset them in the settings. Then delete the Bluetooth pairing on your smartphone and reconnect. If TRACK+ do not appear in the Libratone app, try pressing and holding the ON/OFF and START/PAUSE buttons simultaneously for approx. 4 seconds. Then delete the TRACK+ again under the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and reconnect.
    If necessary, repeat the process.

  • If Firmware Update fails

    There can be different reasons for this. Please follow this step-by-step guide. After each step, please see if the problem is resolved.

    1. Reinstall the Libratone App and log you in with a new user. Please use Facebook, Email or Google for that.

    2. Factory reset TRACK+ over the Libratone App. TRACK+/ settings/ factory reset. Or perform a Hard Reset (see above).

    3. If it's still not working, please try it with another Smartphone.

  • Differen volume level on left/right earphone

    A possibility could be some dirt that is stuck on the metal mesh. Please remove the silicone ear tip and clean the metal mesh:

    Tools needed:

    For checking: Mobile
    phone or magnifying glass of 3 times or more
    For cleaning: Cotton buds, white vinegar, 95% alcohol


    1. Do not put the ear bud into the white vinegar or alcohol
    2. Do not put the alcohol near fire
    3. Please read below instruction carefully

    Steps to check the buds (mobile phone as an example):

    1. Take out the earbud and remove the ear tip
    2. Use the camera of the phone, turn on the light and adjust the camera focus to 3 times
    3. Put the earbud on the table, hold the phone in a 40-50 degrees angle and about 10-15 cm distance from the earbud. And check the holes of metal mesh on the screen of the phone. You can adjust the position of the earbud a little if necessary.

    If you find the buds on your earbud to be blocked with dirt, then read further.

    How to clean it

    1. Put a little white vinegar and 95% alcohol in two different containers
    2. Use a cotton bud to apply the white vinegar on the metal mesh of the earbud and keep it for 5-10s. Please note that the earbud is on the top and the cotton bud is at the bottom
    3. Use the same way to apply the alcohol on the metal mesh
    4. Use the mobile phone to check the status of the hole. If not ok, repeat step 2 and 321

    It is harder to clean a year’s worth of dirt out of your earbuds and charging case than it is to give them a quick clean once a month. If you are an especially heavy user, you might want to clean them even more often. To avoid your buds to get blocked in the future – please wipe them clean regularly with a soft cloth.

    If you have stubborn dirt, you can dampen the cloth a bit and try again.

  • Still questions?

    Feel free to get in touch with our customer support. They are happy to answer all your questions. Just click the "Contact Support" button below.